IFTA: Seeking Alpha in a VUCA World

VUCA is a globally recognised acronym meaning Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity & Ambiguity. This is a military term for mission-critical decisions in the fog of war – unknown unknowns. The military battlefield is proving a useful metaphor for our financial market landscape. 2020 has already led to a pandemic global shutdown, equity market crash & oil cliff-drop. All this is amplified against the backdrop of late economic cycle, market fragility & socio-political unrest. Learn how to seek alpha in a VUCA world using a 3-step approach; Resilience, Divergent Thinking & Optionality.

Ron William is a market strategist with over 20 years of experience working for leading economic research and institutional firms, producing macro research and trading strategies. He specializes in blended, top-down, semidiscretionary analysis, driven by cycles and proprietary timing models. Ron is also a behavioural finance expert, trading psychologist, and performance coach. He uses the latest techniques in behavioural/risk assessment modelling, peak-performance, neuro/body science, and stress response management, including mindfulness and coherence training.

Ron’s primary work, as part of his current institutional market advisory firm (RWA), gained global industry recognition, with multiple finalist awards for “Best Specialist Research/& FX”. His market insights are also featured regularly across leading financial media programs, notably, Volatility Re-awakening and Tech Sector, and industry publications, including Equity Market Crash: What Next?, Bitcoin-Digital Asset Paradigm, and Bond Yield Spike Risk.

Driven by high-integrity education, Ron serves on the board of the International Federation of Technical Analysis (IFTA), heads the Swiss Association of Market Technician (SAMT) Geneva Chapter, and consults with multiple education and regulatory groups.

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