IFTA2020: Do market’s face a potential “Minsky” moment collapse?

If so, then what is likely the crisis-opportunity ahead and what are the best strategies for optimizing risk?

Ron William will outline a behavioural technical analysis framework, as highlighted by a late-cycle rare exhaustion pattern on the S&P500.

This follows warning shot overbought reactions, after multiple “irrational exuberance” greed sentiment readings in August. Most notable was overcrowding of large tech equity positions in the options market, with the put-to-call ratio hitting multi-year extremes, based on linear extrapolations of the “V” shape recovery and omnipotent Fed Put.

Ron will also discuss timing models, which predicted the recent shake-out in late August-early September and signal further asymmetric into this negative seasonality period, weighed by larger cycle forces such as the decennial pattern and USA presidential elections.

Ron William, CMT, MSTA, is an accomplished market strategist, educator and trader, with 17-years of financial industry experience, working for leading economic research and institutional firms; producing macro research and trading strategies. He specializes in macro, semi-discretionary analysis, driven by cycles and proprietary timing models.

Ron also serves as an active trading mentor specializing in trading psychology, using the NLP model & Van Tharp Peak Performance™. Previously, Ron was a senior Tactical & Market Timing Strategist at the ECU Group, a Global Macro Investment & Advisory Firm. He was part of the Multi-Asset Research & Advisory Team, headed by Robin Griffiths, applying his signature “Roadmap” cycle model.

Ron’s work, as part of his current institutional market advisory firm (RWA), acquired global industry recognition with the 2014 / 2013 Finalist Award for “Best Independent Research House for FX” and 2012 Finalist Award for “Best Technical Analyst of the year”. His market insights are featured regularly across notable industry publications and financial media programs; most recently featuring US Presidential Election Cycle analysisGBP/USD Brexit impact & EUR/USD Parity risk.

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