IFTA: Crush it With Clouds

Presenter: Sankar Sharma, Market Strategist, Global Trader & Trading Coach, RiskRewardReturn.com, London, UK 

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During this online presentation, you will discover:

1.  How, under five minutes, you can spot the following on any price chart:

    • Trend and Direction
    • Momentum and Strength of Momentum
    • Entries and Exits
    • When to add to a Winning Position
    • How To Spot Hidden Resistances and Supports
    • Where To Place Stops

2.  Three majestic strategies for measured returns


Sankar Sharma is an independent technical analyst and a member of the UK Society of Technical Analysts. He is the CEO of RiskRewardReturn.com and creator of 3R Methodology™. Sankar helps traders master the markets and achieve consistency. He is a sought after speaker and author of the book Stock Trading Made Simple. Sankar has a degree in engineering and an MBA in finance.