IFTA: Markets Seen Through the Lens of Technical Analysis

This is the first IFTA webinar with focus on global financial markets using technical analysis as an instrument of analysis and decision. More and more Swans of all colors are ready to disrupt the financial markets. In these times of uncertainty and fragility a roundtable discussion with IFTA market and technical analysts is the best way to learn, dialogue, and get a wide perspective for the next six months.

Ralf Fayad has been actively trading markets since mid-nineties. Since 2005, Ralf is the authored several trading newsletters on behalf of large institutional clients. His main project since 2011 has been „Ideas Daily“, a daily markets newsletter for Commerzbank in Germany.

Reinhard Scholl has been working in the financial markets for over 20 years. His academic background as a computer scientist was a good starting point for his work in the field of technical analysis.  As an analyst and markets and finance commentator, Reinhard works mainly in partnership with BörseGo AG, Munich, which develops leading edge financial software, owns a prime website for trading and investing and is a major service provider for banks.

Winfried Kronenberg is the CEO of KRONENBERG invest GmbH and advises fund managers, asset managers and private clients in portfolio strategies and trading techniques.