IFTA: So What’s Your Trouble With Options?

Pre­sen­ter: Paul McLa­ren, CMT, CFTe, MSTA, Pre­si­dent and Mana­ging Direc­tor, Enhan­ce Your Opti­ons PTY Ltd.

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Opti­ons are often mis­per­cei­ved, misun­ders­tood and misu­s­ed in many tra­ding and inves­t­ing port­fo­li­os. Paul looks at the three stages in the opti­ons jour­ney and the issues sur­roun­ding each.

  • Per­cep­ti­on
  • Edu­ca­ti­on
  • Tra­ding

Wit­hout effec­tively deal­ing with the issues sur­roun­ding the cur­rent stage, trad­ers are unli­kely going to pro­gress suc­cessful­ly to the next stage. Paul will demons­tra­te to the audi­ence that opti­ons are not the mons­ter they are por­tray­ed to be! Be pre­pared for an inter­ac­ti­ve and infor­ma­ti­ve session.


Opti­ons Per­cep­ti­on – Deal­ing with the myths

  • Most opti­ons expi­re worthless.
  • Opti­ons are risky.
  • Opti­ons are for expert traders.
  • Opti­ons are complicated.
Options Education
  • Is the­re an inher­ent pro­blem with the way opti­ons are taught?
  • Do some who teach opti­ons suf­fer from the Cur­se of Knowledge?
  • How well does tech­ni­cal ana­ly­sis and opti­ons tra­ding integrate?
Options Trading
  • The 8 most com­mon mista­kes of opti­ons trading.
  • Cogni­ti­ve bia­ses with opti­ons tra­ding time.


PaulM­cLa­ren, the crea­tor of the RoToR Pay­off Dia­gram®, is the mana­ging direc­tor of Enhan­ce Your Opti­ons Pty Ltd, an Aus­tra­li­an com­pa­ny spe­cia­li­sin­gin opti­ons edu­ca­ti­on and trai­ning. Paul is an enter­tai­ning and high­ly regard­ed speaker,having deli­ver­ed pre­sen­ta­ti­ons in Aus­tra­lia, the United Sta­tes, the United King­dom, Euro­pe, South-East Asia and New Zea­land and pre­sen­ted glo­bal web­i­nars for the CMT Asso­cia­ti­on and IFTA. He also recent­ly pre­sen­ted at the IFTA 2018 con­fe­rence in Kua­la Lum­pur, Malaysia,and pre­vious­ly at the IFTA 2017 Con­fe­rence in Milan, Italy.