IFTA: Traders‘ Mental Blind Spots

How Hidden Flaws in Your Decision-Making Affect Your Trading

About the Presentation
Do you ever wonder why a perfectly good trade setup failed or how you thought a trade couldn’t work, but did? All traders have blind spots in their thinking that seem correct at the time, but turn out to be woefully flawed. Psychologists call them cognitive biases and heuristics. These create not only poor judgments but trading losses, and traders don’t even realize they are making detrimental choices. In this presentation, Dr. Gary Dayton, trader, psychologist and author of Trade Mindfully, will teach you some of the common mental blind spots and how to address them for better trading performance.

About the Presenter
Dr. Gary Dayton is a trading psychologist, trader, author, and founder of TradingPsychologyEdge.com. His new book,Trade Mindfully, details
state-of-the-art mental skills for high level trading/investing performance. He helps traders and investors develop the necessary mental skills and also teaches traders how to trade based on price and volume alone through his Deep Practice Program in which traders confront trading situations and mental challenges for deep, extensive learning.

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