IFTA2020: Elliott Waves – Bringing the Theory into the Daily Trading

Many chart technicians gave up learning and applying the Elliott Waves as too many ways of counting drove the trader mad and the accounts to zero. However, the few who continue fighting through the theory often suffer while applying and giving up finally.

Thus, the Elliott Waves often have a reputation – at best – of being a nice theory but not applicable for successful trading. That is sad as this technique gives so much more than just the next market direction. The Elliott Waves also provide some valuable ideas about the probabilities what is happening next and thus a good base for calculating the risks.

Rüdiger Born is managing director of BORN Traders and also founder and head of trading of BORN STAHLBERG & PARTNER, his asset managing enterprise in Switzerland. Since early in the 90s he is an active trader at the international financial markets. Stock trading is part of his daily trading business in the same way as trading currencies, futures and options. Additionally to the classical trading instruments in the meantime CFDs are also in his daily focus.

Rüdiger Born is trading the waves for 20 years, adding some useful tools that help traders in their daily trading routine to find easy ways to trade the Elliott Waves. His technique allows traders to individualize the trading approach to their personal needs from “quick and dirty” just playing the probability game to the hardcore testification of the pattern for the number-crunching geeks.

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