IFTA2020: Sequence of volume spread analysis – A bar counting method of potential reversal

Current VSA method still relate to the principles of : price & volume, cause & effect, effort & result. Developed on Wyckoff’s work, supply & demand finally drive the market with any reasons include fundamental, technical and other signals. Classical technical analysis does not explain enough the relation between volume and bar direction, which is important part of behavior finance. We try to figure out the balance between supply and demand in order to track the move of smart money. Different from TD sequential, the volume sequence based on the relative change of bar spread and volume. Most reversals always come up with exhaustion of previous trend, volume will never lie as it is an unique true information from the market, how it confirm exhaustion? We will talk about a basic setup and bar counting method in this issue.

Yoan owned master degree of Finance in HEC Paris, he started his career as equity trader in Chicago. In 2011, He obtained CFTe and worked as analyst in top European institutions. After turning back to China, Yoan has worked in strategy development and served on leading private equities and hedge funds in Shanghai since 2016. His research is focused on behavior finance and published on mainstream media.

As a board member of FTAA, Yoan is one of the main instructor in Technical Analysis courses in China Mainland organized by FTAA for the IFTA Certification. He is also one of the most appreciated financial trainer in China, he has taught in a few hundred seminars to both retails and professionals in the past 4 years.

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