IFTA:Elliott Wave Analysis–As Applied to Foreign Exchange Markets

About the Presentation
Kevin will look to demonstrate what it is he looks for when placing a trade. This includes market entry point, stop and target calculations. In addition, this will include the frustrations experienced by the format that traditional charting packages use, often this is a series of, open, high, low and closing price data, traditionally bar charts and or candlesticks. Kevin will cover “line on close” and when this can be utilized as a preference.

Kevin has the viewpoint that the format that price data is viewed in, does not always allow a clear understanding when attempting to utilize Elliott Wave Principle. Data can become a “by-product” of your chosen time frame. In traditional technical analysis, Kevin feels far too much emphasis is placed upon closing price data, price extremes are of far more importance than closing prices, which Kevin will demonstrate during the presentation.

About the Presenter
Kevin started his career in financial markets in 2009, by studying technical analysis on a full-time basis. These studies led Kevin to sit for the Society of Technical Analysts (STA) Diploma in 2010 and subsequently to form fxtradingcompany.com

Kevin presented at the STA in May 2019, the title of his presentation was “Price Does Not Align To Time”. Kevin remains a private investor focusing exclusively on Foreign Exchange Markets.

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