IFTA: The Case for 2021 Harnessing Super Long Term Cycles to Gain a Competitive Advantage

About the Presentation
Contrary to popular beliefs, all markets can be timed! See for yourself:

  • Understanding and harnessing market timing give traders and investors a distinct edge. Amongst many benefits, it takes the guesswork out and also helps enhance risk-reward ratios.
  • By the end of this presentation, you will not only know the key cycles that repeat within the financial markets, but you will also be able to successfully apply them to your own trading and investing systems.
  • We will also look at what will be coming up in the second part of 2021.

About the Presenter
Andrew Pancholi is a portfolio manager and world-renowned expert in market timing and geopolitical forecasting. With over 30 years of experience in navigating the financial markets, he is the creator of the highly acclaimed Market Timing Report (MTR).
The MTR is based on output from the proprietary Cycles Analysis software system that Andrew built and uses to predict turning points in markets way ahead of time, right down to months, weeks, and even days. When combined with seasonality, Commitment of Traders data, sentiment, or fundamental analysis, these timing points provide highly accurate low-risk setups.

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