The Law of Vibration

The Law of Vibration: Natural patterns in the economy and financial markets

The pre­sen­ta­ti­on will reve­al a pre­vious­ly unknown invest­ment tool used by the famous US stock trader, Wil­liam D. Gann. Mr. Gann traded in finan­cial mar­kets in the first half of the 20th cen­tu­ry, and had a repu­ta­ti­on for being extra­or­di­na­ri­ly suc­cessful. As far as is known, no-one has been able to dupli­ca­te his suc­cess. Mr. Gann hims­elf main­tai­ned that his achie­ve­ments were due to his know­ledge of a secret law that under­pin­ned finan­cial mar­ket pri­ce beha­viour. He cal­led this law “the Law of Vibration”.
The Law of Vibra­ti­on expres­ses its­elf in a very spe­ci­fic pattern.
Tony Plum­mer has found this pat­tern hid­den in the struc­tu­re of Mr. Gann’s well-known book, The Tun­nel Thru The Air. Adding to the importance of this pat­tern, Tony has also found it con­cea­led in the works of two other his­to­ri­cal­ly important aut­hors. The pat­tern ari­ses in the con­text both of indi­vi­du­al expe­ri­ence and of coll­ec­ti­ve human behaviour.

Tony’s pre­sen­ta­ti­on will show (a) how Mr. Gann hid the pat­tern; (b) how the pat­tern mir­rors the actu­al histo­ry of out­put and infla­ti­on, and © how the pat­tern can be used to anti­ci­pa­te future trends in finan­cial markets.