IFTA: The Rising Star Ichimoku Strategy

Pre­sen­ter: San­kar Shar­ma, MBA, MSTA; Spea­k­er, Glo­bal Mar­ket Stra­te­gist, Aut­hor, Edu­ca­tor | Speaker's Web­site: Risk Reward Return

About the Pre­sen­ter
San­kar Shar­ma is pas­sio­na­te about tech­ni­cal ana­ly­sis, trai­ning, spea­king, and tra­ding. He is the aut­hor of the book Stock Tra­ding Made Simp­le and the foun­der and CEO of RiskRewardReturn.com. He has crea­ted 11 pro­prie­ta­ry tra­ding sys­tems and stra­te­gies, inclu­ding the Ris­kRe­ward­Re­turn (3R) Metho­do­lo­gy, a sys­te­ma­tic method for tra­ding suc­cess and buil­ding super-smart portfolios

San­kar is an inter­na­tio­nal­ly reco­gni­zed spea­k­er and con­ducts trai­ning for both retail and insti­tu­tio­nal aspi­ring trad­ers. He has stu­dents from all over the world, inclu­ding the United Sta­tes, Cana­da, the United King­dom, Euro­pe, and India, and he shares with them his mar­ket expe­ri­ence that he has gai­ned over the last 32 years.

Pre­sen­ta­ti­on Syn­op­sis
In this online pre­sen­ta­ti­on, you will discover:

• How to app­ly The Rising Star Stra­tegy to any mar­ket
• Step-by-step rules
• How to spot high pro­ba­bi­li­ty trade oppor­tu­ni­ties using the Rising Star Strategy

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