Trading a Bot Basket

Datum/Zeit Mi 13. Nov 2019 - 18:30 bis 21:30
RG : München
Referent : Bernhard Schicht
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ConferenceCenter Haus der Bayerischen Wirtschaft

Trading a Bot Basket

Robots are more and more commonly used in the financial markets.
This presentation will give you an overview of how you could construct your own trading basket of independent bots.
We will use Forex and Crypto markets as examples and implement a small basket.
Here comes the content of the presentation:

I) Theory

  • Market places
  • Introduction of trading bots
  • Evaluation of bots and bot evolution

    • Trading idea
    • Back test
    • Forward test
  • Risk and drawdown
  • Run bot individuals completely independent
  • Sending signals by risk
  • Receiving signals and trading a full basket
  • Remove losers
  • Bot basket benchmark

II) Praxis

  • Forex and Crypto market places
  • Finding statistics
  • Recognizing scam?
  • Example bots
  • Evaluation in Excel
  • Risk Balancing
  • Calculate expected drawdown and profit p.a.
  • Signal copier

III) Outlook

  • Basket, a safer system? Way more pros than cons.
  • Discussion. Ideas. Audience input.

Within 90 min you will get an idea how bot basket trading works and how this would help you to improve your trading stability.
After this little approach you might be able to dare the next step: develop your own simple bot basket!


Über den Referent:

Dipl.-Inf. Bernhard Schicht studied Computer Science at TUM in Munich. He wrote his thesis at Deutsche Morgan Grenfell (Deutsche Bank) Portfolio Managers in South Africa. Today he is an experienced and independent software developer. Bernhard trades bonds and shares since 1991, forex since 2008 and cryptos since 2014. He founded his company Stash GmbH in 2009. The company develops algorithmic trading strategies (bots), indicators and tools in Java. Bernhard developed his own basket concept and he is a demanded interviewee at Dukascopy TV in Switzerland. He also consults professional traders.