IFTA: How You Can Benefit from Little Known Seasonal and Cyclical Patterns

Presenter: Dimitri Speck, Fund Manager, Financial Analyst and Trading Systems Developer, Seasonax, Germany


Annual seasonality and cycles of other length can be a valuable tool for improving your trading and investing results. Recurring events such as tax deadlines, holidays, futures contract expirations and company-specific events influence the prices of commodities, indices and individual stocks. In his presentation, Dimitri Speck will show that seasonality undoubtedly exists in many instruments and how you can implement it in your existing trading approaches.


Dimitri Speck is a fund manager, financial analyst and trading system developer. He writes one of the biggest stock market letters in Germany and authored the book “The Gold Cartel”. In 2013 he won the Hedge Fund Journal’s award for the best European commodity fund, in 2018 the Scope Innovations Award for his seasonal investment strategy. Speck is publisher of the website www.app.seasonax.com, where interested investors can conduct seasonal studies on more than 20,000 instruments.