IFTA: Volume at Price: Not all prices are equal!

About the Presentation

Volume At Price (VAP) is an extremely useful, easy to use visual tool that confirms other visual indicators. It has not been given much coverage in the Technical Analysis field. Paul will outline both the theory behind the indicator and it’s practical application.

The Theory

  • Steidlmayer Distribution: the current Market Profile®
  • Volume at Price(VAP): the new market profile
  • How the VAP is calculated
  • VAP confirms support and resistance
  • VAP and Pivot Points
  • VAP and gaps

The Practical

  • VAP and price targets in short term trades
  • VAP and the choice of strike prices in options strategiese. 
About the Presenter

Paul McLaren is Managing Director of his own company, Enhance Your Options Pty Ltd,

specialising in training and education of options trading strategies. He has over 20 years‘ experience in the local share market, and has a keen interest on options on futures.

Paul has served on both his local ATAA chapter committee, and on the ATAA National Board for two years.

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