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IFTA: So What’s Your Trouble With Options? Paul McLaren Jun 2019🔐
IFTA: Social Media in Technical Analysis Alex Neale Nov 2014
IFTA: Some Uses of Market Geometry Victor Hugo Mai 2014
IFTA: Systematic Approach to Trading: A Step-By-Step Guide Trevor Neil Dez 2017🔐
IFTA: The Case for 2021 Harnessing Super Long Term Cycles to Gain a Competitive Advantage Andrew Pancholi Jun 2021🔐
IFTA: The Rising Star Ichimoku Strategy Sankar Sharma Jan 2021🔐
IFTA: Traders‘ Mental Blind Spots Dr. Gary Dayton Mrz 2016🔐
IFTA: Trading Beyond the Matrix: An Interview with Van Tharp Dr. Van K. Tharp, R. William Aug 2018🔐
IFTA: Trading System Development – Indicator-Based Dr. Howard Bandy Aug 2015
IFTA: Using Relative Strength to Capture Mega Trends Gautam Shah Jun 2020🔐
IFTA: Using Stops: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Cesar Alvarez Feb 2016🔐
IFTA: Volume at Price: Not all prices are equal! Paul McLaren Jun 2017🔐
IFTA:Elliott Wave Analysis–As Applied to Foreign Exchange Markets Kevin Bull Apr 2021🔐
IFTA2020: A Treasury of Wall Street Wisdom – The Wisdom of past Master Market Technicians applied to the future Linda Raschke Okt 2020🔐
IFTA2020: Active versus Passive Indexing John Bollinger Okt 2020🔐
IFTA2020: Back-Testing Relative Performance and Evaluating Technical versus Macroeconomic and Corporate Research Tim McCullough Okt 2020🔐
IFTA2020: Better investing using market effects Roland Jegen Okt 2020🔐
IFTA2020: Building a money printing machine with AI Raul Glavan Okt 2020🔐
IFTA2020: Do market’s face a potential “Minsky” moment collapse? Ron William Okt 2020🔐
IFTA2020: Elliott Waves – Bringing the Theory into the Daily Trading Rüdiger Born Okt 2020🔐
IFTA2020: How to Build Investment Strategies with AI and Machine Learning Dr. Kei Nakagawa Okt 2020🔐
IFTA2020: How to Catch the Big Swings with One Simple Strategy Wieland Arlt Okt 2020🔐
IFTA2020: How to profit $30,000 from Gold trading with Sun Capricorn Cycle and 1.618 Divergence Fibonacci Gema Goeyardi Okt 2020🔐
IFTA2020: Incorporating Wyckoff Method Analysis into Portfolio Construction Roman Bogomazov Okt 2020🔐
IFTA2020: Momentum Investment using ETFs Dr. Bruce Vanstone Okt 2020🔐
IFTA2020: Power Hour Team by AATI – Smart trading with technical analysis AATI Team Okt 2020🔐
IFTA2020: Sequence of volume spread analysis – A bar counting method of potential reversal Yoan ZHANG Okt 2020🔐
IFTA2020: Shall we focus on Bitcoin in an Uncertain and Unstable World Environment ? Dr. Hiwon Yoon Okt 2020🔐
IFTA2020: Spot market trends with Heikin Ashi Stefano Gianti Okt 2020🔐
IFTA2020: Successfully trading Options in volatile markets Dr. Gregor Bauer Okt 2020🔐
IFTA2020: System Thinking -The Holy Grail to dealing with a Pandemic or any other crisis Dr. Van K. Tharp Okt 2020🔐
IFTA2020: The end of alpha – Risk Factors Theory revisited Thierry Bechu Okt 2020🔐
IFTA2020: The Power of Cross Asset confirmations Jean-François Owczarczak Okt 2020🔐
IFTA2020: The Supercycle Top and Deflation Murray Gunn Okt 2020🔐
IFTA2020: Time-series analysis of Japanese mutual fund performance: Considerations on asset flow and return Koki Nozawa Okt 2020🔐
IFTA2020: Trade what you see, not what you believe Daryl Guppy Okt 2020🔐
IFTA2020: Using Volatility to Determine the Trend of Securities and Markets Mathew Verdouw Okt 2020🔐
IFTA2020:What makes for World Champion Traders? Larry Williams Okt 2020🔐
IFTA2021: Bollinger Bands 2021 John Bollinger Nov 2021🔐
IFTA2021: Break the Cycle of Greed and Fear Wieland Arlt Nov 2021🔐
IFTA2021: Business Cycle Analysis and the Wyckoff Method Bruce Faser Nov 2021🔐
IFTA2021: Combining Technical and Macro Analysis with Options Intelligence Scott Fullman Nov 2021🔐
IFTA2021: Declutter the Trade Toolbox Daryl Guppy Nov 2021🔐
IFTA2021: Eddie’s Crayons Eddie Tofpik Nov 2021🔐
IFTA2021: How a Trader Used Welles Wilder’s Tools Linda Raschke Nov 2021🔐
IFTA2021: Keynote Tony Dwyer Nov 2021🔐
IFTA2021: Providing Tactical Asset Allocation Advice Robert Schott Nov 2021🔐
IFTA2021: Regression Analysis Shinji Okada Nov 2021🔐
IFTA2021: Strategic Options Use in the Portfolio Larry McMillan Nov 2021🔐
IFTA2021: Using RRG to see the Big Picture Julius de Kempenaer Nov 2021🔐
IFTA2021: We can Predict the Future Tom McClellan Nov 2021🔐
IFTA2021: Weaving the Market Tapestry Eoin Treacy Nov 2021🔐
IFTA2021: What Works and What Doesn’t Larry Williams Nov 2021🔐
Intermarket Analyse – Kurzer Einblick Dr. Gregor Bauer Nov 2016
Intermarketanalyse mit den Mitteln der Markttechnik (MV2014) Andreas Platen Okt 2014
Jahresausblick 2020 Dietrich Denkhaus Apr 2020🔐
Jahresausblick 2021 auf zyklischer Basis mit Liveanalyse Christoph Geyer Dez 2020🔐
Jahresausblick 2022 Dietrich Denkhaus Feb 2022🔐
Kerzen, Muster, Markttechnik und Optionen für ein entspanntes Investieren Raik Mandel Jan 2021🔐
Krise und Zukunft der Euro-Zone — Trends und Prognosen für … Daniel Haase Jul 2012
Kurszielberechnung mit Fibonacci in der Praxis Karin Roller Okt 2012
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